The all new Squarespace App... reviewed.

As Squarespace Authorised Trainers in Ireland we were very excited to hear about the launch of the new Squarespace App on iOS this week. It is something we were anticipating for a long time and now that it is finally here, we took it for a test drive.

Currently available on iOS only, we downloaded the App onto an iPhone 5S and it came in at approx 70MB Download. If you have tried any of the other Squarespace apps like Analytics or Commerce you will be expecting a similar slick user interface and design experience and you won’t be disappointed. Once you login with your usual Squarespace credentials, you are greeted with a minimalist design that complements the desktop branding nicely and is responsive and fast on a relatively small screen.

As we are responsible for multiple Squarespace sites, we were delighted to see that they were all easily accessible from within the same app. So no need to worry if you are managing a single site or many like us, it’s all in there. But what can you actually do in there? For a first release, we are glad to say that they have crammed a lot of functionality in there:

Features Included.

  1. Edit your website pages like Blog Posts, Galleries and Index Pages.

  2. Add new Pages and Blog Posts.

  3. Upload images from your device - this sounds really useful if you are out and about and want to throw up a quick blog.

  4. Edit some of the basic site settings. Again, could be useful if out and about and dealing with a clients site on the run.

  5. You can edit MOST Block types, but some are still not supported at this early stage.

Things you can’t do with the App (Yet!).

  1. Create a new Site. - I am not anticipating this as something most people would want as a mobile feature as it is more suited to a Desktop experience.

  2. Edit Album, Cover and Product pages. I expect Product pages is something they will want to look at supporting in the not too distant future.

  3. Access and update Site Styles. Again I don’t think this is a major omission, as it is something you would normally want to address on a Desktop in our opinion.

Overall, this looks like a solid App that will greatly help with our Squarespace workflow. I especially like the quick view analytics on the Site Home page which shows at a glance the highlight stats of the last 30 days for your currently selected site. Another nice feature is being able to contact the Customer Care team without having to leave the app.

We are looking forward to seeing more features rolled out in the future. As ever, if you are looking to move your site from Wordpress to Squarespace (I know you are sick of managing all those security updates on WP!) and access some of these great tools, then feel free to get in touch today. We provide Squarespace training and full service Squarespace migration support to get you and your stunning new website up and running in 2019 and beyond!

Bright Sky Digital Team

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