So What is Bad SEO? 6 Tactics To Avoid in 2019

If you’re keen to boost your page rankings this year, patience and perseverance is key.


Make sure you avoid these SEO pitfalls

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a topic that we just love! Squarespace has adapted its interface to include loads of new easy to find SEO features. It is now so much easier to see how your pages will display in search results. They’ve also included a handy checklist for ensuring your sites SEO is taken care of. We also love checklists …

Anyway, back to business. We hear a lot about good SEO. We have talked a bit about this in our previous posts. But what is considered bad SEO? Here are some nasties we think you should stay away from:

  1. Keyword stuffing: Google is smart enough to know when you are repeating terms to boost search results. Your content must be genuine and avoid repetitive phrases. Be real, it gets better results.

  2. Hidden text: Hello 1990! A common practice in the dial up days where designers pasted lots of text into a webpage and hid it with CSS. Unfortunately this still happens and is absolutely to be avoided.

  3. Link Farming: Link farms are sites that link back to each other, normally in a circle. Search engines look at the amount of inbound links into your website. So if you have a vast amount of inbound links, a lot of sites are linking to you, you must be a decent website and therefore your site should rank higher, right? No so actually. Google is smart enough to know the quality and authenticity of the links. You’re wasting your time paying for links and should build them up organically. Link out to your partners, clients and suppliers. Give a gentle reminder if you feel they should link back to your site. Build up your links over time. Links from sites with a good authority have high value so concentrate on getting linked from reputable sources.

  4. Deleting Pages: Deleting pages from your site should be avoided. Dead ends and broken links cause problems with search engines. Users also don’t like winding up on missing pages. Instead, make sure you permanently redirect your old pages to new locations.

  5. Not using Google Search Console: Google developed it’s Search Console (formerly called Google Webmaster Tools) to ensure site owners can monitor performance, errors and crawling. Not using this tool makes for bad SEO as you won’t know what is happening behind the scenes with your site. You need to get in here and manage your site to ensure that your latest sitemap has been uploaded, errors are taken care of and you know how you are performing.

  6. Slow, slow, slow sites: Poor performance and slow loading is bad for your SEO and may effect your ranking. Be sure to check your site using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool.

If you need any support with your sites SEO, get in touch with the Bright Sky Team today. We offer an SEO Review Service which spots the most common SEO issues your site may be experiencing. We bundle them in a clear and easy to read report which we go through with you in an online meeting.

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