Why is my website 'Not Secure' on Google?

Why is my website 'Not Secure' on Google?

The worlds most popular web browser Google Chrome updates frequently. In a recent update (Chrome 68) you may have noticed an interesting feature.

Less secure websites are being displayed as ‘Not Secure‘ by Google Chrome. You will see this beside the URL of the site like in the image below. This also happens in the most recent versions of the Apple Safari browser on iPhone and iPad devices.

Google Chrome Not Secure Example

Google Chrome Not Secure Example

Why is this happening?

Google and Apple are encouraging website owners to move to the secure HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS protocol has been around for a long time but website developers have not always used it. This has resulted in many websites being easy to monitor and to be unsecure for online commerce.

What should I do as a Website Visitor?

If you are visiting a site that is ‘Not Secure‘ you need to be aware that any data you send could be intercepted. You should not send any personal or payment information to a ‘Not Secure‘ website. You should also not log in to these sites. There is nothing you can do to change the security status of the website you are visiting. The website owner must get a Security Certificate installed on their website.

What should I do as a Website Owner?

If you manage or own a website it is a good time to check it in an up to date browser and see whether your website is secure. If yes, then you will see a lock symbol to the left of the URL. You do not need to take any further action if that is the case.

If your website is Not Secure then you need to buy an SSL certificate and install it on your web servers. This is something you can ask your web developer to do. Online Security builds trust with your customers and avoids penalties from Google.

How can we help?

If you can see that your website is showing up as Not Secure then feel free to contact us here for advice.

All Bright Sky Digital websites come with an SSL certificate as standard. So, you can avoid this ever becoming an issue for you.

Stay secure!

The Bright Sky Digital Team

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