Frequently Asked Questions


Here's a few of the most common questions we hear. Maybe you have one for us?


i'm nervous of putting my business online, do i have to?

Yes, you really should have an online presence. It's estimated that 20% of businesses in Ireland* are still not online. It helps customers find you, get in touch and win you business.  You don't need a complex site, but a simple site and basic social media presence is recommended.

why is everyone using wordpress?

Well, it's very common in Ireland, approximately 70% of online businesses use it. There are definitely pros and cons of this platform. Read our blog post about what we think.

What is responsive, I keep hearing about it? Help!

At Bright Sky Digital we are mobile first. We are designing for your site to be seen on mobile phones, tablets and also desktop. Over 40% of transactions are now completed on mobile devices**. Therefore, you need to be mobile ready! Your site should respond (be responsive) to whichever type of device is loading it. Our sites look great on mobile and transfer perfectly to other devices too. No extra plugins required! 

what do I need to have ready for you if i want a website?

Have a look at sites you like. What colours and designs inspire you? Do you have a flyer, advert or slogan that you want to use as a starting point? Think about your customers, who are they are where are they? Get some photos of your premises, your staff, your products and your services. We can start from there!  

will you still be here for us after the site goes live?

Yes, we are reachable by phone, email, Facebook and Twitter. Our packages include a level of support and we will explain this to you clearly.

everyone is talking about seo, what is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It basically means how easy your site is to find amongst all of Google's results. Following some simple rules will help your site rank among the highest results with Google and other search engines.

how do i know I'm getting value?

Good value is a site that you can update easily, that looks good on all devices. It should be secure and especially so if you are taking payments. It should use SSL (https) throughout. Your site is a journey and it is only beginning when you put it live. You should know how to update it quickly or have a good relationship with the person who does. 

how long does it take to build a site?

A simple brochure site can be quick to build, a matter of days. eCommerce sites require more planning, imagery, security and content. Allow a couple of weeks at a minimum.

social media terrifies me, do I need it?

Its ok, we're here for you! It all depends on what your customers want. Many of your customers will use social media to find out about it. Facebook Business Pages are really useful and simple to set up. Twitter and Instagram are great ways of reaching large amounts of people. Pick one or two platforms and start with those.